6967 Cooke's Hope Road        Easton, Maryland  21601    tel: 410.822.1335

The Belted Galloway

It was our intention in the overall design plan for Cooke's Hope to retain a bucolic character, consistent with that which prevails on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.    The  pastures which flank the entrance to Cooke's Hope provide not only a gracious, tree lined drive but are home to our registered herd of Belted Galloway cattle.  "Belties" are known for their large size, their quiet temperament, and particularly for their striking looks.  Our "Belties" provide a warm welcome to Cooke's Hope residents and visitors alike.

Located in Talbot County, Maryland, Cooke's Hope was part of a land grant to Major Miles Cooke in 1659 by the Lord Baron of Baltimore.  Over three hundred years later, the name and the parcel survive as a magnificent community where open pastures welcome you along a grand tree-lined entrance and its full staff of caretakers allows you to simplify your life.
Cooke's Hope

Easton, Maryland
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